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On The Fringe


On The Fringe

Web Series

On The Fringe follows the hilarious misgivings of emerging comedians Sarah and Jacinta as they do what they do best: turn life’s hardest moments into fuel for fodder.

In this six-episode season, set during a fringe comedy festival, a devastated Jacinta questions her life purpose following the breakup of a two-week relationship, while Sarah’s initial success comes unstuck after confusing a critic’s appraisal as a flirtatious come-on.

Raw, tender and irreverent, On The Fringe explores the career existentialism every performer faces in their career, and the friends that help you get through it.

The series stars the utterly infectious emerging comedians Sarah Gaul and Jacinta Gregory. 

Watch the first season at

On The Fringe made it's International Premiere at Manchester Pilot Light TV Festival in May and North American Premiere shortly after at LA Comedy Festival - 365. It has been selected for Sicily Webfest, Hamburg Webfest, and has been nominated for Best International Screenplay at Copenhagen Webfest. (More annoucements to come!)


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